PEPL has unique position to provide you with innovative integrated solution and consulting for industrial automation strategies. We work on turnkey projects as per our wide product range including AC/DC Drive panel. We collaborate with customer from design to programming, as well as in the commissioning of turnkey installations.
We also help you to conduct performance testing, programming, panel building and project management.As we are in the field of instruments manufacturing, we also provide the Pyrometers for Temperature Monitoring System.We also provide Data Logging System for process applications like TMT rolling mills, Coke oven Applications etc.

Capabilities: Engineering, Software & SCADA development, commissioning.

Strengths: Engineering, Software & SCADA development, Timely deliveries. Deep knowledge of the process, Quality products, Strong team with experience in PLC, Drives, process control Instruments, CCTV, Wireless radios, Support of our wide manufacturing range of products, Software and SCADA development.

Applications :

Cement Mill Automation, Grinding Mill Automation, SSP Plant Automation, Sponge Iron Plant Automation, TMT Automation, Flying Shear Automation, Wire-Saw Machine Automation, Gangsaw Machine Automation, Multicutter Machine Automation, Crusher Machine Automation, Traffic Control System (Mines), Data Acquisition & Monitoring System, Energy Management System (EMS), WT Plant (Monitoring & Control), Pump House Automation, Sewerage Treatment Plant Automation, Ash Handling System, Power Plant Automation, Building Automation System (BMS), Chemical Plant Automation


1. TMT plant Automation

2. Edible Oil plant Automation

3. Sponge Iron plant Automation

4. Gang saw plant Automation

5. Gypsum plant Automation

6. PCC plant Automation

7. Cement plant Automation

8. SSP plant Automation

9. Boiler automation

10. Boxide plant Automation

11. Compressure Automation